As an ISO Certified Printer, World Arts traces all pieces of your project from raw material purchases to order entry to delivery to your facility.

How Your ISO Certified Printer Uses Traceability

Part of the ISO Standard is being able to trace from where each resource comes. In typical manufacturing settings, this might be assumed. However, you may not have considered it for your printer. You might assume paper is paper and ink is ink, and the need to know where it was purchased is not necessary. However, understanding where resources are obtained and how they flow through the supply chain helps in those times when you have a regulated product that requires printed instructions (think – product recalls). Traceability also plays a part in tracking a job’s production throughout your favorite printer’s shop.

World Arts Printing places a high emphasis on tracking raw materials through to the finished product. We know the importance of this process and strive daily to ensure we fulfill our mission.


‌Understanding the Basics of Traceability

If you have never thought about traceability and why it matters to you, consider this:

Traceability is the ability to track every piece of your print job from paper to ink to stitches, from its raw state to its finished product.

Your ISO certified printer tracks things like the origination of all components, inspection notes, the time the product spent at each workstation, and the final recipient.

If called upon, an ISO printer will know from which lot stock came for a specific product. 

Internally, your printer will track each print job by assigning it a job/lot number and capturing your requirements by creating a complete work order for the production team to follow. They use the work orders to ensure different versions of your postcard are kept separate and other specific directions.

In short, you can call and find out the status of your project because it is being tracked and traced through every step of the way. 


Know that Your Print Job Is in Good Hands

Work with a quality printer that is also ISO Certified when you choose World Arts Printing. We work tirelessly to ensure your printed project is proofed, printed, and finished in a timely fashion and is tracked throughout each process. You deserve a printer that treats your job as its own. We do that and much more. Contact us today and let’s partner to get your next marketing piece out to the world.


World Arts is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

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