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Print Isn’t Dead: How the Printing Industry Continues to Thrive

There is a buzz amongst graphic and web designers. Adobe announced that they are retiring their Type I fonts. For years, designers, content creators, and printers have relied on the granddaddy of all fonts. While this retirement may have been coming for years, it begs the question: how can designers and printers n

Just as the printing press revolutionized how people consumed information, so has the digital age. Each day, new apps are created to make life easier. You can shop and make airline reservations from your phone. You can manage your finances and build virtual reality worlds on your personal computer.

Many claim that technology has transformed our lives in so many ways that certain industries are no longer needed. One common misconception is that print is dead. Remember how the eReader was going to make printed books obsolete? Yeah, we didn’t believe the critics either. 

Print media continues to thrive and remains relevant to our lives. 

How Print Media Is Still Relevant

The digital aspects of life are here to stay. (Why go out to a restaurant when a couple of taps on an app ensures your late-night cravings are delivered on time?) Yet, printed media still comprises a large part of our lives for several reasons:

  • Printed pieces offer a tangible, physical experience. Digital products cannot do that. For example, you can add scratch and sniff areas to your marketing postcard. Technology hasn’t come up with ‘Smell-o-vision’ yet.

    Many people love the feeling of holding a book and thumbing through the pages. Sure, you can have AI make the page-turning sounds on your computer, but you do not have the pleasure of turning those pages yourself.

  • Printed cards reduce digital clutter and stand out. Take a look at the ordinary person’s inbox, and you will find many unread emails. Some have ten. Others have thousands. Print media stands out in the sea of voices clamoring for attention. And it does it in a less intrusive way.

  • Printed items are often viewed as more credible and trustworthy. A website can be changed in the blink of an eye. Books are not that easy to change, so creators do everything they can to ensure the information within is accurate.

  • Printed pieces still allow you to reach your targeted audience. With variable data and direct mail campaigns, you can personalize a postcard and get it to your ideal customer.

  • Printed items create a permanent record. Think of all the dusty old books you have seen through the years. They are more than paperweights. They are a treasure trove of reliable sources of knowledge and entertainment for centuries. (Shakespeare, anyone?)

  • Print media complements digital media. It doesn’t have to be an us vs. them competition for printed and digital media. They each have advantages that can make your marketing campaign successful. For example, you can mail out a postcard with a QR code that takes prospective customers or students to a regularly updated website.

World Arts: Helping Your Marketing to Thrive

While the digital landscape has transformed how we consume information, it hasn’t taken over the world. Using the services of a custom print shop like World Arts Printing can ensure your printed media provides a unique and valuable experience for your clientele. Our team is ready to assist you with your offset and digital print needs. Give us a call or contact us via our website for more information.

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