When quality matters, World Arts Printing excels like no other print shop through their Quality Assurance Program.

Quality Matters: You Get What You Pay For

Many businesses tout their advantages over the competition. They may claim they can turn your print job around in three days. At what cost? While you want a good price (and fast turn times) to keep project costs down, you do get what you pay for. What happens if the printing company you use repeatedly messes up your direct mail campaign? Or if they fail to print all the pages of the Information For Use booklets placed with your product?

In one instance, you may miss your target audience in time for your annual giving campaign or your enrollment goals. In the other instance, you run the risk of a product recall. Neither option is acceptable.


Highlights of a High-Level Quality Program

Not all print shops are alike. They serve different types of customers, carving out their piece of the printing market pie. However, if you want consistent quality backed by outstanding customer service, look for a printer that has built a quality assurance program based on the International Standard of Organization (ISO). The Standard focuses on ensuring outstanding service and production of quality products while looking toward company-wide continuous improvement initiatives.  

A shop that is ISO certified will have quality checks at every stage of the printing process to ensure your expectations are met. This includes carefully reviewing the first pieces at each process, from proofing to the final product coming off the stitcher and heading out the door. These reviews are thorough, with quality control inspectors looking for the slightest hint that something is not quite right.

They will maintain the condition of the facility to the highest standards. For example, it will be clean and well-lit, providing the appropriate visibility to see any imperfections. They will also have temperature and humidity controls to ensure the paper and ink will bond well off the press, reduce static electricity, and lessen drying times.

Companies that answer to FDA standards need to prove the quality of materials and ensure they meet government regulations. You want to know your printer has the procedures in place for proper traceability of raw materials (i.e., paper, ink, and stitches) used in the finished product. 


Level-Up Your Print Projects with World Arts Printing

Not all printers can boast a clean shop that is well-lit and climate-controlled with an outstanding quality program. World Arts Printing is not just any printer. We understand that you have high standards, and so do we. From order intake to delivery, we take the needed steps to ensure you get the caliber of product you expect. Daily, we strive to achieve ISO quality standards. Does your printer? Let’s talk today about your next life sciences, university, or marketing project.

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