World Arts is committed to high-quality printing while keeping an eye on the environment in our daily operations.

Doing Our Part to Protect Mother Nature

Earth Day 2022 is Friday, April 22nd. Since 1970, people across the globe have become more and more aware of the effects of greenhouse gasses upon the environment. Individuals and companies alike take steps to reduce waste. At World Arts, we strive to make conscious decisions that will help the planet while still producing quality print products for our customers.

Ways We Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

We have taken many steps over the years to ensure that we leave our town and the world better than when we started printing over 40 years ago.
Our printing presses, folders, cutters, and stitchers run all week long, leaving us with an expensive electric bill. To reduce this cost, we instituted a light bulb initiative in 2021. Throughout the plant, fluorescent light bulbs were replaced with LEDs. The result was a reduction of nearly 103,824 KW hours per year.

Printers use tons of paper each year. While we try to efficiently layout your print projects on the press sheet running through the press, there is always paper waste after the product is trimmed out. We consistently recycle leftover paper to the tune of 672,000 pounds annually, instead of dumping it in the landfill.

Each job going on an offset press requires aluminum plates, and we recycle each one. Currently, we send 18,000 pounds of aluminum annually to the recycling plant.

Other ways we take our part in preserving the planet is through our equipment. When it is time to replace a press, folder, or stitcher, we look for the most energy-efficient equipment

This thought process carries over to things like HVAC units. We look at all replacement options, and then choose those that are highly efficient, using less electricity and natural gas – even if it means we pay a higher purchase price. We understand that it will earn its keep throughout the years.

Additionally, our production software aids us in ensuring we use the least amount of packaging necessary. There is no reason to use more cartons than required.

Our logistics department understands the necessity to consolidate our trips to save gas. We map out our deliveries to maximize fuel usage and minimize the wear on our vans

Work with a Earth-Conscience Printer – World Arts

Doing the best for our environment is everyone’s job. World Arts continually provides outstanding printed products, while consistently taking initiatives to recycle and save energy. If you are looking for an earth-conscience printer, contact us about your next printing project.

World Arts is an ISO 2009:2015 Certified Company

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