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4 Valuable Reasons to Pick a Local Print Shop

Today’s technology allows us to do many things with a few clicks of the mouse. You can order anything from groceries to office supplies and never have to get out of your seat. Purchasing a new wardrobe is possible, too. Simply scroll through a beautifully designed website, click on the perfectly poised picture of a model in the outfit you like, and boom! – said outfit lands at your door in two days. 

Online purchasing is a fabulous solution for many things. However, it may not be the best solution for everything you buy. For example, that lavender blouse you had to have, may be periwinkle instead. Now, you must go through the process of returning it. You could have saved time and effort if you had purchased it in-person.

Printing is an industry that benefits from in-person, one-on-one attention. Sure, you can turn to your search engine and find an online printer that can send you new business cards, brochures, and postcards in three days. Will they look as you hoped? Will the colors match your branding? Who do you turn to when you need guidance on choosing stock? 

Why It Makes Sense to Stay Local

The next time you are ready to print your conference brochures, annual report, or postcard, consider working with your local printer. The benefits may surprise you:

  1. You have someone to talk with and get advice concerning your project. Think of them as a partner who can fully understand what you want to accomplish. They can guide you on different stock, ink, and finishing options, as well as meeting any postal sizing regulations. In short, you cut down on wasted time trying to get things ‘just’ right.
  2. You learn the different options available to make your project ‘pop’ and turn out as you envision it. Depend on your local print shop to discuss benefits of offset vs. digital printing. They will also be able to weigh in on whether gloss or dull stock would work better for your finished project. If you want special finishes (i.e., foil stamping, embossing, etc.), they are the people to ask.
  3. You have more control over the process. It’s easy to lose your project into the deep rabbit hole of the Internet with an online printer. What happens if you do not get what you expect, or the color is off? A digital image displays differently on monitors. With a hard copy proof from your local print shop, you see your job come to life on paper. Then you can make changes as needed to get the desired result for your branding.
  4. You build a long-lasting relationship. Working with the same printer year after year benefits you since they understand your business needs and can offer solutions. When it’s time to print the next annual report or commencement program, you know who will handle it while producing great quality. You develop a direct line of communication for new projects and reprints, and even the occasional print issues. A local printer becomes an honorary team member for your business’ printing needs.

Personalized Service Starts with World Arts

Look to World Arts for personalized printing service. We believe that building relationships is the key to success. That’s why you receive a dedicated team member to assist you and your business or university’s printing needs. Contact us today!

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