The experts at World Arts are here to help you promote your message to new customers utilizing direct marketing techniques, including EDDM.

Enhance Your Marketing Efforts with EDDM

Getting your message out in today’s digital age means fighting through online noise. Your website may look sleek and professional, and your email prospect list may be huge. All of that means nothing if you cannot get visitors to stop by your site because your email gets lost in a potential customer’s inbox or spam folder.

Today’s marketing requires utilizing many channels. Yes, a website is practically non-negotiable. Social media ads offer some return on your advertising investment. There is one tried-and-true means that rounds out all your efforts: the EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) postcard. Customers still love getting mail, so why not give them what they want, and in return reach more people in this distracted world?

Key Features and Benefits of EDDM

Are you considering adding EDDM to your marketing efforts? With these key features and benefits, know you are making a great choice:

  • EDDM stands for Every Door Direct Mail, and it does exactly that. It ensures your marketing postcard or tri-fold brochure lands in every mailbox along chosen postal routes.

  • An EDDM mailing is a cost-effective method of getting your message out because:
    • Postal rates at almost one-third the cost of First Class
    • You don’t purchase or maintain a mailing permit
    • You don’t need to purchase a mailing list

  • You can choose the routes and general demographics as established by the USPS. They have a wonderful route tool that lets you pick routes filtered by census information.

  • EDDM helps retail and service-based businesses promote and encourage shopping locally, which many consumers appreciate, especially around the holiday season.

  • It’s possible to promote a variety of offers, such as specials, coupons, and grand openings.

Choose World Arts as Your Preferred EDDM Printer-Mailer

Capture the attention of new customers when you utilize an EDDM mailing campaign with World Arts Printing. Our dedicated team can help you through the process of getting your message printed and in the mail. We are here to support you and your marketing efforts when you contact us today.

For more information on EDDM, including piece specifications, check out the USPS retail fact sheet.


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