World Arts Printing understands the power of a clean mailing list for your direct mail campaign's success.

How CASS and NCOA Helps Your Mailing List

When eReaders hit the scene in the early 2000s, rumors sprouted up saying printed books were dead. Many years later, we still have plenty of books in print, along with the plethora of books on eReaders.  

Marketing has its own rumors regarding technology’s sway on old techniques. Some have predicted that direct mail is dying to email and social media ads. In today’s distracted world, where we are constantly plugged into some electronic device, direct mail is still breaking through and enticing recipients to engage with your message. 

One key aspect of a direct mail campaign is your mail list. Without a clean (or ‘scrubbed’) list, your creative piece will not end up in the hands of those you want. There are a couple of processes your printer or mail house can perform to help you keep your list cleaner. A well-thought-out mailing campaign means nothing if no one receives it.


Understanding the Basic of CASS and NCOA

Mailing lists develop from different places, such as names from your database, a stack of business cards in your desk drawer, or purchasing from a mail list company. No matter how you have assembled your list, formatting issues and roving recipients put your piece in jeopardy of not being deliverable by the USPS.  

To ensure more pieces are formatted correctly and addressees get your piece at their new place, your printer can utilize two services: CASS and NCOA. 

CASS stands for Coding Accuracy Support System. Its primary function is to format addresses to match USPS requirements and identify those addresses which are deemed “Undeliverable as Addressed” (UAA). Keep in mind, those addresses flagged as UAA are generally not delivered and not returned. Your printer or mail house can help you determine the next steps for handling any undeliverable addresses.  

NCOA stands for National Change of Address. Whenever someone fills out a ‘Change of Address’ card at the post office, that information is placed in the USPS’s database. NCOA checks your list against this database to see if your intended recipient has moved. If the USPS has a new address, it will be provided. There is no guarantee that NCOA will make your list 100% deliverable because there are misspellings, and some people do not fill out the change of address cards. However, this process helps keep your list up-to-date.


Choose World Arts to Print and Mail Your Direct Mail Campaign

Ensure your direct mail pieces, annual reports, or end-of-year fundraising campaigns get the attention they deserve. World Arts Printing offers one-stop printing and mailing services for your convenience. We utilize CASS and NCOA when processing your mailing list, so you can rest assured that more pieces will reach their intended destination. Let our experienced team handle your next project when you talk to us today


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