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Gate Folds: Take Your Message to a New Level

While the tri-fold brochure offers you many advantages and value as a marketing tool, it may not create a visual journey for your prospects, clients, or students. They tend to be smaller and portable, but lack capacity for larger photos. Other options do exist to give you what you want. For example, try a different fold such as a gate fold or a double-gate fold. Each kind offers a deviation from the popular tri-fold and gives you more opportunities to showcase your business or university. For example, consider putting a double-gate fold in the center spread of your annual report or student viewbook.


‌Understand the Basics of a Gate and Double-Gate Fold Brochure

Are you looking to refresh your current marketing brochures and books? Why not dive in with a gate fold or double-gate fold piece? These two folding styles have much to offer.

The term gate fold refers to the way the piece opens up like a door or gate. If you have a plain gate fold, there are only two panels opening out. A double-gate fold has four panels to open.

You can use a variety of size ranges. Some popular ones are 8.5” x 14”, 11” x 17”, and 11” x 25.5”.

Gate folds are composed of three panels for a total of six pages. The two outer panels are about half the size of the middle panel. 

Double-gate folds have four panels with a total of eight pages. All of the panels are about the same size. Quick Tip: Leave about a ⅛” gap in the center to avoid buckling on the folder.

These folds create a sense of suspense for the viewer with each opening of a panel. That’s why they are particularly suited for those graphic-heavy designs. 

Take advantage of two spreads with the double-gate fold. Place your initial message on the first spread, and take your reader deeper into your message and product when the brochure is fully open.

The double-gate offers you a direct mail-friendly option as well. They fold up and tab better than the gate fold.


Quality Folding Begins with World Arts Printing

Break away from the traditional tri-fold and branch out with a gate fold. At World Arts, we print and fold marketing pieces and books all day long. We understand all the intricacies that occur between your concept and the final product. You can rest easy knowing that our team can take your vision and make it a reality through our state-of-the-art facility. Want to learn more? Contact us today.

World Arts is an ISO 2009:2015 Certified Company

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