World Arts helps you understand the printing process from start to finish, including paper stock basics that lead to a better project outcome.

Paper Is Paper…Right? There’s More To Know.

Many of us are familiar with copy paper – that white stuff that fits in the inkjet printer on our desks. It is pretty flimsy and boring, but it serves its purpose for our everyday printing.

Would you use that same paper for the new art deco book for your Art Department? What about that new marketing tri-fold piece your client wants printed, showcasing their business?

Not all paper is the same. Once you understand some basic differences, you will be better able to choose the best stock for your next printing project.

Two Basic Stock Types for Your Project

While there are many different finishes to the paper you can use, they start as two basic types. Let’s look at them and their general characteristics:

  • Cover stock: If you are thinking of thick, sturdy paper that resembles the cover of your favorite paperback book, you’re close. Consider these characteristics:
    • Thicker than text stock, even at the same weight
    • Excellent choice for postcards, book covers, business cards, and pocket folders
    • Should be scored before folding. It is harder to fold than text stock, especially when folding against the grain
  • Text stock: This paper is less sturdy than cover stock, but it still has many uses and characteristics, including:
    • Thinner than cover stock at the same weight
    • Great choice for interior pages of books, trifold brochures, and statement stuffers
    • Doesn’t require scoring before folding. Since it is thinner than cover stock, it is a bit more pliable and doesn’t fight folding like cover stock can

The beauty of these two basic types of stock is that they complement each other to produce a finished product you can be proud of. Both versions come coated or uncoated. That means you can find the right weight and style to accomplish your goals.

Choose The Best Stock for Your Project – World Arts Helps

Pick the right paper to further enhance your awesome design. If you struggle to determine the best options, contact the team at World Arts. We are happy to discuss your needs and offer suggestions and samples. Don’t choose blindly – call us today at 800-530-9202


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