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What Type of Proof Is Right for Your Project?

Blueline, Dylux, Matchprint…

They are printing terms, but do you know what they mean?

These terms have been used over the decades to describe the different types of proofing processes. Some were brand-named processes that have become generic terms over time. For example, a Dylux proof was a method of proofing that utilized film burned on photosensitive paper that was then folded down to resemble the finished piece. (It’s also a name-brand.)

Today, we use many different terms which can get quite confusing. As a designer, knowing old terminology is not as important as knowing your printer is providing you with the best proof for your project’s goals. For most of us, sticking to three main options suffices for your print project.

3 Types of Proofing Explained

The proofing process is vital to getting any printing job done correctly. You may find there are dozens of different ways to describe a proof. We have simplified the options into three basic types and their best use:

  • Imposition (Low-Res) Proof: The purpose of this closely resembles the Dylux proofing of previous years. Your artwork is printed on uncoated stock, then cut and folded into the final dimensions of your project.
    • Use this option for verifying content, layout, pagination, and folds
    • Do not use it to check for color matching
  • Hi-Res Proof: While this proofing option is not printed and folded to specification, it most closely resembles the color in which you envision your project.
    • Use this option when you are concerned about color
    • Do not use it to check for layout, pagination, and folds
  • PDF Proof: Technology now allows us to send proofs through the internet. This is wonderful for speed and content; however, it does have its limitations.
    • Use this option to double-check your copy and when speed is paramount
    • Do not use this option when color is a concern since different computers will display color differently

Our team understands that your job is an extension of your business, school, or non-profit. We take pride in playing a small, yet vital, part of your project.

Pick the Perfect Proof with World Arts Help

The proofing process is key to ensuring your project ships out looking as you planned. The team at World Arts understands this and works diligently to provide the best proofing option. Whether you need a hi-res color match proof for your department’s annual report or a PDF for your marketing mailer, we deliver. If you are not certain which proof type will serve your purposes, let us know when you call us today at 800-530-9202. We’re happy to guide you through the process. 


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