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What Happens Behind the Scenes of a Print Shop

Since around 3500 BCE, man has used different forms of printing to communicate with one another. Block printing began around 200 AD, with movable type coming on the scene about 1041 AD in Eastern Asia. In Europe, John Gutenberg printed the Gutenberg Bible in 1455, sealing the destiny of printing in the western world.

Today’s presses are significantly different than their predecessors. There is no more need to manually move type tiles when a computer handles it all. What used to take weeks, maybe even months to design, set-up, and print can be done in hours or a few days. With services ranging from full offset printing to quick digital turnarounds, World Arts covers the full range of modern-day professional printing.

A Peek Behind the Scenes of a Custom Print Shop

Each print shop is different, but here at World Arts, we follow a system of quality control checks that ensures we meet your expectations on time and within your budget.

From the moment you place your order and supply your press-ready art files to us, we are:

  • Entering your order into our system and double-checking for accuracy
  • Verifying that your files have bleed and checking that the art matches your specs
  • Creating your proof based on the form of proofing you prefer
  • Sending you a proof for review and approval. (If not approved, we revise and reproof.)
  • Once approved, we send your print job into production where our skilled pressmen prints your piece, our excellent bindery finishes it, and our dependable shipping department sends it out the door

Our team understands that your job is an extension of your business, school, or non-profit. We take pride in playing a small, yet vital, part of your project.

Partner with a Printer Focused on Helping Build Your Brand

Choose a custom print shop that focuses on you and your brand. World Arts Printing is dedicated to aiding its customers with a wide range of printing projects. Look to us for your business cards, postcards, tri-fold brochures, stitched books, perfect bound books, and much more. Have a custom project in mind? Give us a call! 800-530-9202


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