World Arts is a G7 Certified printer who is dedicated to producing quality products to enhance your brand.

Why Should You Choose a G7 Certified Printer?

More than 20 years ago, the printing industry was much different than today. While technology was moving fast, print shops still managed their color calibration in-house. That meant that what one printer produced in Boston could be much different than a shop in Miami. Not only could printing results from different regions differ significantly, shops down the street from each other could as well. Customers struggled to find consistency in their work from shop to shop and even job to job. 

Today’s printing companies understand that their clients seek consistency in color. Obtaining a standardized method seemed to be the answer that addressed graphic designers’ concerns with the disconnect not only between printers but also between proof and finished product, as well as different output devices within a shop. Choosing a G7 Certified print company is an excellent choice to ensure you are gaining consistent color and quality in your projects.

‌What Is G7?

How do you standardize color? By finding a way to calibrate a printing press based on photographic methods of grayscale. Sounds kind of technical doesn’t it? 

Think of it this way. When establishing a standard, you need a baseline. In the case of G7 calibration, the baseline starts with neutral gray built out of cyan, magenta, and yellow. Once this is established, the other colors will come in-line with the established grayscale. 

G7 standards do allow for some slight color variance, or tolerances, and the standards are international. If each printer works within the tolerances, then what you print in Chicago should be visibly similar to the same job printed in Berlin.

When a printing company chooses to become G7 Qualified, they go through rigorous training through the certification body, Idealliance. A shop that aims for this distinguished level understands the benefits for you as their customer.

‌Why Is G7 Important to You?

While building a standard out of neutral grayscale sounds great, what does it mean for you, the consumer? 

You get brand color consistency. Brand recognition is more than a fun diddy in a commercial. It includes the colors chosen for websites, letterhead, envelopes, posters, and other marketing materials. Color inconsistencies can negatively affect consumers and may make them see your company as less attractive.

Proofs reflect closely what will come off the press. Proofs aid you in knowing how your project will look coming off the press. G7 calibrates the proofing machine with the press to give you an excellent representation of the final product within the expected tolerances.

You don’t have to rely on press checks. If your favorite printer struggles with color consistency, you may feel the need to show up on press day and ensure your product looks like you expect. Few of us have time in our schedule to head out of the office for a press check. G7 alleviates that need.

Reprints remain consistent, even on different types of presses. You don’t have to worry that the next run of your marketing brochure will come out pale yellow when it should be goldenrod. That extra 500 postcards you need can be run digitally, instead of paying the expense of an offset press.

Print Consistency You Can Trust

Find the color consistency you require from your printer when you work with World Arts Printing. We are a G7 Qualified printing company dedicated to producing quality products to enhance your brand. Our G7 Certified technicians keep their thumb on the pulse of our presses with regular G7 testing. Stay on brand when you partner with the World Arts team. Call us today at 800-530-9202 for your printing needs.

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