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How to Print Your Project with Paper Supply Strains

Supply chain issues. Understocked shelves in stores. Rumors of further problems obtaining goods. All companies and manufacturers suffer from these same issues – even the print industry. 

Today, print companies work tirelessly to ensure they can obtain the paper needed to complete their customer’s jobs. They face the reality of paper mills struggling with demand and transportation delays for their shipping and receiving departments. In September, one Bloomberg article pointed out the impact paper shortages were having on retailers as many mills switched production from paper to cardboard or closed completely. 

It all sounds gloomy. You may even be tempted to throw up your hands in despair of getting your grand project completed in time for your campaign. Yet, printers like World Arts Printing still consistently complete projects and make their clients shine. It takes a little teamwork and flexibility, but great things are happening. 

‌Action Steps to Keep Your Print Project Moving Forward

Working in partnership with your printing team is a step in the right direction to get your direct marketing pieces, holiday cards, or end-of-the-year fundraising to your recipients. It starts with an action plan: 

Pre-plan your projects starting from the desired project completion date and working backward. What is the date you would like to have your print job in the hands of its intended recipient? Once you know this, you can work backward to take into account slower USPS deliveries for mailers, press and finishing time, proofing, and design time. Now you have an idea of how soon you need to start.

Work with your preferred printer to secure your paper and press time early. Many clients will be scrambling to get their jobs to press and find that schedules are full, or they cannot secure the stock they want. Talk with your printer about the specs of your project, types of paper you want, and prices for any options you are considering (i.e., 20 pg. plus cover saddle-stitched book vs. 60 pg. plus cover perfect bound). As soon as you settle on the final specs, give your job to your printer.

Understand that you may need to be flexible with your paper choice. The hardest part of your project planning may be gauging an ever-changing supply chain; however, it can help to have a backup stock in mind for those times when the specific paper is not available or will not arrive in a timely fashion to meet your project dates. Flexibility is the key to the current status of the print industry.

Partner with World Arts for Your Printing Needs

At World Arts, our team consistently works hard behind the scenes to ensure our customers receive their print jobs on time and with the highest quality, even in the midst of some trying circumstances. First, we remain in regular communication with our suppliers and vendors to better understand the market. Next, we work with you to offer acceptable substitutions whenever possible for papers that may be temporarily out of stock. Finally, we continue to provide you with high-quality printing and superior service throughout the process. Choose a partner in the printing industry dedicated to your success when you contact us online or call us at 800-530-9202.

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