World Arts understand the power of variable data printing and works with you to ensure your personalized mailing campaign gets noticed.

How to Personalize Your Mailing Campaign

How do you reach out to your clients, customers, or constituents? An email campaign quickly fills inboxes across the country in seconds. The content within speaks to the recipient by using variable data fields to personalize the message. Issues arise when you find that many people won’t open your carefully crafted email.

Direct mail is still an effective way to get your message to those you want to reach. Whether you buy a carefully curated list or pull together a company or university list, sending a piece of mail presents your message in a tangible way that will cause the recipient to pause and take notice. You can even personalize it with variable data fields, just as an email.

No more generic letters that get thrown into the trash or relegated to the junk folder. Several areas can be personalized, such as headings, subheadings, body copy, inserts, images, and graphics. This gives you the opportunity to produce targeted marketing at a micro-level. You now speak to the individual, not the masses. That speaks volumes to your addressee. 

Learn to personalize your mailing campaign with variable data printing. Your favorite printing company is the perfect partner to make this happen.


‌How Variable Data Printing Works

Variable data printing pulls information, such as names, offers, and graphics from a file and inserts the information into labeled fields on a static piece of artwork. 

As each item is processed, digital press software pulls the next line of data, matches it to the fields according to column headings, and then prints the finished product.

It’s possible to have dozens of variating fields to personalize your printed piece as much as you want.

How You Can Apply Variable Data Printing to Your Project

Have you considered using variable data on a printed piece but are not sure how to pull it off?

Here are some simple steps to get you started:

  • Identify where the variable data needs to go on your piece.
  • Make sure the fields stand out by using all caps, a different font, a different color of type, or a combination of all. 






  • Ensure that the fields on the piece match the column headings on your spreadsheet. Excel spreadsheets are preferred by many printers. 
    1. Set up your spreadsheet for success by using column headings that make sense in relation to the data field on the piece, and separating data into separate columns: First Name, Last Name, Street Address, Apt Number, City State, Zip, Salutation, Donor Amount, etc.
    2. Use only alpha characters, numbers, and spaces as the header names



Avoid Problems by Doing the Following:

  • Use the exact same names from your spreadsheet as your do in your art
  • Clearly mark where the data fields belong in the piece
  • Properly set up the spreadsheet from which data is pulled


Stand Out from the Crowd with Variable Data Printing and World Arts

Ensure your message gets to the heart of the matter by personalizing it with variable data. World Arts services the Life Sciences, Higher Education, and Commercial industries with a range of printing services, including variable data projects. Contact us today to learn more.

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